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This is a sample event entry for the premier events section. This is a short description that will show in the pop-up bubble when people mouse-over this event in the event list.
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12/31/15 6:30 PM
12/31/15 9:30 PM

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111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna Gallery
San Francisco, USA

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PREMIER Event Listing

Give your event the visibility it deserves!

  • $75 Exclusive full-page listing with images...

  • Great for top search engine placement!

  • Featured in the everyCircle.com weekly e-newsletter
    (Distribution = 19,600+, Rev. 09/14/12)

  • Featured in the the Premier Events Table of Contents

  • Featured as a highlighted listing in up to 3 of 15 categories

  • Includes application features: 
    • Custom Page Layout (Text and HTML)
    • Custom URL, example:
    • Full Event Ticket Registration
    • Maps
    • Page Statistics
    • Photo Galleries
    • Tags / Keywords

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Roman Zhovtulya on 03/24/11 10:14 PM

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  • Custom Page Layout
  • Forums
  • Full Event Registration
  • Maps
  • Page Statistics
  • Photo Galleries

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